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       Leslie Kay Maitri, M.Ed., LPC, LCAS-A, C.H.T.
               Integrative Psychotherapy
                                   Certified Spiritual Director
Welcome to my web-site.  Thank you for visiting!  I hope after reading through the pages, you will get a good feel for the person that I am and the services that I provide.  
My intention is to facilitate healing by helping my clients to release blocks within themselves that get in the way of Healing and Growth.  This is done through traditional talk therapy, and also body-centered therapies as needed.
My treatment is effective in Pain Relief, including physical and emotional pain, and Anxiety   Reduction.  Additional possible results include relief from stress and depression, reduction of effects of trauma and chronic pain, and support of a felt sense of spiritual connection. 
Please feel free to call me with further questions, and/or to make an appointment.
Charlotte, NC